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whatsapp or message blast with php native or laravel

I have a school assignment to make a website that can send message blast or whatsapp blast. do you guys have any references to make it? preferred if using php native or laravel Source: Laravel

By raven swain
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How to use Twilio number with whatsapp web?

I am using a Twilio account to control whatsapp messaging. The question is, can I use whatsapp web or whatsapp to open the twilio phone number? Is is possible to use twilio phone number through whatsapp directly? Thanks! Source: Laravel

By Faheem-maker
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Insert Whatsapp button to Laravel 6

I have a javascript code for whatsapp, call buttons from, I want to add on Laravel website 6 to appear on all pages, I tried public/index but not appear on all pages, is there are a section like header or footer to insert code: <script src=""></script> Source: Laravel

By Alex
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I want integrate WhatsApp API with my laravel system without twailo

I want when admin add new order in my laravel portal and submit the order has been send to the customer on WhatsApp number and when customer callback yes order status changed new to confirmed in my database and if he reply no the order has been cancelled. Note: without using third party like twailoo […]

By Usman Shaukat
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