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Problem with Xdebug 3 configuration on Step debugging with VSCode

hope you are doing fine. I’m currently facing some problems trying to debug a laravel project (Php 7.3.31). I’m using the Visual Studio Code Extension "Php Debug" from Felix Becker I’m able to connect on Visual Studio Code and stop the code at any specific breakpoint, but when I try to step over it […]

By Greg Spinetti
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Visual studio code keep showing unecesarry error

I dont know why the error message keep showing in my problem tab This screenshot my vscode that message show after adding method destroy Source: Laravel

IlluminateDatabaseEloquentRelationNotFoundException – Call to undefined relationship [tasks] on model [AppModelsStatus]

I am creating an app that shows the Tasks and the Status of the Task. I am unable to create the relationship between the Status and Task or rather the Statuses of the Task. This is the TaskController <?php namespace AppHttpControllers; use IlluminateHttpRequest; class TaskController extends Controller { public function index() { $tasks = auth()->user()->statuses()->with(‘tasks’)->get(); […]

By H a
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Debugging ReactJS in Laravel in VSCode

I’m trying to debug a browser for ReactJS in a Laravel project in VSCode. Here are my settings in launch.json { "version": "0.2.0", "configurations": [ { "type": "pwa-chrome", "request": "launch", "name": "Client", "url": "http://localhost:8010", "webRoot": "${workspaceFolder}/resources/js" } ] } and webpack.mix.js mix .ts("resources/js/index.tsx", "public/js") .js("resources/js/dateFormatting/date.js", "public/js/date.js") .sass("resources/sass/app.scss", ‘public/css’) .tailwind("./tailwind.config.js") .browserSync({ proxy: "localhost:8000", port: 8010, open: […]

Laravel migration error – could not find driver – IlluminateDatabaseQueryException

I’m trying to run a migration following this tutorial I think the tutorial might be out of date because when I enter php artisan migrate; I get this error: IlluminateDatabaseQueryException could not find driver (SQL: select * from information_schema.tables where table_schema = pizzahouse and table_name = migrations and table_type = ‘BASE TABLE’) at C:UsersjonkeDocumentslaravelpizzahousevendorlaravelframeworksrcIlluminateDatabaseConnection.php:703 […]

By Jon Kemm
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Laravel Calendar issues on time slot

Hi guys i am having an issue where my calendar’s timeslot is unavailable after 4pm everday.I have set it for the whole day.How can i check this block? Source: Laravel

How to automatically add a semicolon at the end of a line in laravel controllers in vscode using an extension or any other way?

Do we have an extension or another way of achieving an automatic semicolon at the end of a line in Laravel controllers? Or achieving a semicolon by formatting without manually doing it? Source: Laravel

By Alphy Gacheru
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vscode tailwind css intellisense not working

I have a problem. I’m learning laravel 8 and tailwind CSS. and as title vscode tailwind CSS Intellisense not working. My tailwind CSS version is 2.2.15. tailwind.config.js like the photo. enter image description here output no error enter image description here so what can I do about this issue? Source: Laravel

vs code can’t recognize hasApiToken method’s

I’m using laravel sanctum authentication and when I call any method of sanctum package through laravel authentication, vscode can’t find them but when I call them through the User model vscode can find them all. this image Explain everything image anyway in both ways code runs correctly without any problem. Source: Laravel

Laravel Snippets (v.1.13.0): Problems with relationships (One-To-Many, …)

Introduction I’m using this Add-on for Visual Studio Code. When creating relations with it. My views seem not working. I get an error in the browser (see below). Laravel Snippets ID: onecentlin.laravel5-snippets Beschreibung: Laravel snippets for Visual Studio Code (Support Laravel 5 and above) Version: 1.13.0 Herausgeber: Winnie Lin Link zum Visual Studio Marketplace: […]

By Musa
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