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Laravel 8 upsert doesn’t work as expected

I’m trying use upsert as explained here ( and in 8.x doc but it is not working as expected. CartItem::upsert( [ [ "id" => 105, "unit_price" => 146.5124, "price" => 293.0248, "unit_taxes" => 28.22, "taxes" => 56.44, "custom_fields" => ‘{"options":{"estado":15,"user_id":1},"calculated_price":146.5124,"calculated_tax_price":28.22}’ ], [ "id" => 106, "unit_price" => 113.8824, "price" => 227.7648, "unit_taxes" => 11.54, "taxes" […]

By Denis Spalenza
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in Laravel how to covert this code Create obeject into upsert

function xxxxx() { ……. $data=$request->all() $organisationGroup = new OrgrpOrganisationGroup; $organisationGroup->column1 = $data[‘Id’]; $organisationGroup->culumn2 = $data[‘Code’]; $organisationGroup->Name = $data[‘GName’]; $organisationGroup->country = $data[‘Country’]; $organisationGroup->state =$data[‘State’]; $organisationGroup->city = $data[‘City’]; $organisationGroup->MSCURID =$data[‘Currency’]; $organisationGroup->codeph = 91; $organisationGroup->Logo = ’empty’; $organisationGroup->Mobile = $data[‘Mobile’]; $organisationGroup->Address = $data[‘Address’]; $organisationGroup->Landmark = $data[‘Nearest_Landmark’]; $organisationGroup->Email = $data[‘Email’]; $organisationGroup->Latitude = $data[‘Latitude’]; $organisationGroup->ORGRPHQLongitude = $data[‘Longitude’]; } $organisationGroup->save() this […]

By rahul krishna
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Can I use upsert in eloquent relation model?

I just find that laravel 8 has new multiple createOrUpdate function upsert and I want to know how should I deal with parent id. At this point, upsert doesn’t fill parent object id. Is there a way that I can inject parent object id manually or should I just avoid this situation at all? I […]

By GatesPlan
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Laravel Upsert with conditional columns only on insert?

When doing an upsert can I define certain columns that should only be used when inserting not updating? Source: Laravel

By James4645
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Laravel Upsert with Soft Deleted Model

I’ve got a model that includes a lot of voters, which have soft deletes enabled on them. When I get a new electoral register and list of voters, I want to upload these, and bulk upsert() using Laravel’s new functionality. To do this, I delete (i.e. soft delete) all the voters in the ward, then […]

By Andreas Christodoulou
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Laravel upsert only if two columns conflict

I have the following table id | invoice_id | position | item_name | qty —|————|———-|———–|—- 1 | 1234 | 200 | shaft | 2 2 | 1234 | 202 | spear | 1 3 | 1235 | 200 | shaft | 10 4 | 1235 | 202 | spear | 20 How can I "target" […]

By The VaLo
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Laravel Mass Assignment without id( autoincrement)

would like to know if it’s possible to insert or upsert in Laravel by keeping the Autoincrement id blank. here is my table migration $table->id(); // Autoincrement $table->string("description"); $table->string("part_number"); $table->string("serial_number"); $table->smallInteger("qty"); here is the data that I would like to upsert. when I try to the upsert with $data1, I get an error. haven’t tried […]

By Pandurang
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Laravel 8 upsert with DB::Raw query

I am looking to use Laravel 8’s native upsert function to import a batch of products. When using the package I could e.g. just use the following to update an image when not existing in the DB model: Product::upsert( $values, $target, [ ‘image’ => DB::raw("if(`image` is null, values(`image`), `image`)"), // TODO: Add the other […]

By Intergalactisch
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Laravel updateOrCreate reflecting table but not updating collection

I want to insert date only when updateOrCreate works as CREATE & update date only when updateOrCreate works as UPDATE. UpdateOrCreate Method work absolute fine. but when i am trying to check +wasRecentlyCreated so that i can update or insert date accordingly. this property is always showing +wasRecentlyCreated: false. However, data updating & creating as […]

By H45H
Categorised as eloquent, laravel, orm, php, upsert

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