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Twilio Not Throwing Error on Try/Catch block when user opted out of messaging service [PHP/Laravel]

I create a conversation with my phone number to opt out of the texting service to test. Once opted out, I will delete the conversation so my application doesnt try to add the message onto the current Conversation->sid. But when I create a conversation it does not throw a Twilio error. Even though it should […]

Laravel Artisan Optimize Issue

I have an odd situation happening when I use Laravel’s php optimize functionality. $goodRequest = $requestValidator->validate($request->header(‘X-Twilio-Signature’), $request->fullUrl(), $requestData); if(App::environment(‘prod’)) { // Debuggin Information Log::info($request->header(‘X-Twilio-Signature’)); Log::info(config("app.TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN")); Log::info($request->fullUrl()); Log::info(implode(" ", $requestData)); Log::info($goodRequest); } When I don’t optimize, the $goodRequest variables get set correctly, however when I do optimize the application, $goodRequest becomes null. Here is the sample […]

By CBaker
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Round robin calls through twilio

I want to have the round robin call functionality using twilio. Let’s say. I have 100 numbers. Twilio will call first one if it isn’t picked then call second, third and forth. It fourth number picks up the call. Then calling process will stop. I am using laravel for twilio Source: Laravel

By Jonib
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How to use twilio in laravel 8 to verify phone number [closed]

I want to use twilio to verify the phone number given by the user during the time of registration. It will be very helpful for me if you guys can guide me or give me any link of documentation of usage or any video tutorial that might helpful. I have searched on youtube and did […]

By Hassan Ali
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Laravel Access npm packages in .blade.php js

What is proper way to access npm package in js_section of blade.php file resourcesjsapp.js import Twilio from ‘twilio-video’; window.Twilio = Twilio; also tried with: require(‘twilio-video’); index.blade.php @extends(‘’) @section(‘content’) CONTENT… @endsection @section(‘js_section’) <script> const {connect} = require(‘twilio-video’); connect(‘{{$result[‘token’]}}’, {name: ‘test2’}).then(room => { console.log(`Successfully joined a Room: ${room}`); room.on(‘participantConnected’, participant => { console.log(`A remote Participant connected: ${participant}`); […]

By Zafar S
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Twilio Laravel Send Whatsapp Message not in same channel

I have try to create MEssage from php(laravel) using twilio, when i send messsage and system reply it well, but i have some problem when i want directly send message directly from system,I call my service from POSTMAN but it will always show error notif like this TwilioExceptionsRestException: [HTTP 400] Unable to create record: From(whatsapp:+14155238886) […]

By Welldy Rosman
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Twilio please enter your password and then press pound

I have successfully developed an application which uses Twilio programmable voice to make inbound and outbound calls in Laravel. The only issue that is left is whenever I try to make call my TwiML xml starts and says the message but when it try to dial the actual number it ask for password to enter […]

Twilio – Clicking a link will initiate an outbound call

i’m currently doing an automated interview using twilio and laravel. What would I like to achieve is something similar to this scenario: User inputs phone number on the web Twilio will send a sms with a link (link will expire within an hour or more) Clicking the link will initiate an outbound call to the […]

By Jeano
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Integrate Twilio whatsapp in my Laravel project

I’m integrate Twilio number for WhatsApp Api, I want to use in my website a chat that show all users that wrote me in number that I bought. I proved CodeSandbox but it was only for sms. Any suggest please? Source: Laravel

By Ersilda
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how to change text color in twilio api php

Hi I am trying to change text color in twilio api but it print in message same html code. AnyBody Can Let me know how to fix it. public function sendMessage(Request $request){ $input = $request->all(); $rules = [ ‘to_number’ => ‘required’, ‘message’ => ‘required’, ]; $validator = Validator::make($input, $rules); if ($this->validate($validator)) { try{ $this->twilio->messages->create( $input[‘to_number’], […]

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