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Laravel Vue js Twilio Received error: TransportError: TransportError (31009): No transport available to send or receive messages

I am trying to follow the steps here I don’t know they Have changed the Javascript SDJ to 2.0 or something. I was familiar with the previous library but it is depreciated. Can someone help me to figure out what’s going on I don’t know why I am getting this error Attempting to call […]

Twilio Conference calling

I am trying to convert normal call to conference call when an agent pickup the incoming call after connecting the call I want to convert it into conference call. Like Super admin can listen conversation between customer and agent. admin can leave the conference call at any moment. Or Agent can transfer the call to […]

Twilio Received an error from MediaStream

I am trying to integrate Twilio in my Laravel application so far I was doing great generated the access token, created the device but when I run device.connect(param) it give me this error in the console. twilio.min.js:99 Received an error from MediaStream: Error code: 31000 I have searched the twilio documentation for this error but […]

Twilio please enter your password and then press pound

I have successfully developed an application which uses Twilio programmable voice to make inbound and outbound calls in Laravel. The only issue that is left is whenever I try to make call my TwiML xml starts and says the message but when it try to dial the actual number it ask for password to enter […]

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