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Laravel , Blade & React js add the meta tag for rendering on server side SEO

I am trying to render the meta tags on the server-side. so i can see this output on share link like this: I tried React-Helmet but it’s only rendering on load. My Controller public function home() { return view(‘home’); } Blade: <div class="post-list" id="booksList"></div> React Module: import React from "react"; import {Helmet} from "react-helmet"; export […]

By Ali Hyder
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my website many pages not indexed on google search [closed]

I try many ways for indexing my website but in the last 60 days, no single page was indexed in a google search. in 130 pages only 37 pages were indexed and in the last two months I make a blog but it did not become index. below is my site link, thanks in advanced […]

Is using react without SSR bad for SEO?

I’m going to develop a project and I want to use laravel for back-end. Also I like to use react for front-end. I’ve tried to do SSR but unfortunately I couldn’t find a good way to do it. So now I have two options , first is , not using react . second is using […]

By Amir
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Repointing Domain from Laravel to Shopify

I’m PMing a project wherein the client’s site has been redeveloped/built on Shopify. It is currently on a staging site. Their old site (and one which is still running) is a custom Laravel Ecommerce site which uses Cloudways. We are able to migrate the subscribers across with payment details. We also have an SEO Specialist […]

By Victoria Bakos
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PHP Library to fetch all keywords for a website and their rankings for seo purpose? [closed]

PHP Library to fetch all keywords for a website and their rankings for seo purpose. I am developing seo tool. So I want php library or script to fetch result from Google, Google Mobile, Bing etc. I want get keywords rankings, keyword details, recent ranking etc Source: Laravel

By sandeep
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Fetch seo keywords ranking, details in php? [closed]

Fetch seo keywords ranking, details in php ? Source: Laravel

By sandeep
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Laravel 8 redirect from old URL to New URL

i’m planning to change all my website URls .. i made controller and model to save all old and new url in my DB and add this in my web.php Route::group([‘namespace’=>’Redirections’],function(){ $redirections=AppModelsRedirections::all(); foreach($redirections as $r){ Route::redirect($r->from,$r->to,$r->type, 301); } }); my project link is old link new link my problem redirect send me […]

By Ahmed Saad
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SEO site word city rank

For SEO, I want an Api that the user enters a word and understands its rank, as well as the word in a city to find its rank. The backend site is with Laravel, please help Introduce an API Source: Laravel

By marziyeh barooei
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How does the @extends laravel load a template? Question about SEO and template load

The doubt is pretty simples: If I navigate between two pages that both use the @extends for the same layout, will this layout load twice? I mean, it will make the browser spend memory and TIME twice for the same thing? Also, is there some type of universal structure/architecture to perform it? To make it […]

By Angelo Schuler Piletti
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How to combine Vue and Laravel, to build a SEO friendly MPA?

I need to make a multipage app, that uses Vue and Laravel. I am new to Laravel, and I never worked with Vue. Some parts of that app should have asynchronous data fetching. I have heard that Vue is bad for SEO. How would you approach the development of this site? Which additional frameworks to […]

By ivymaster
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