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Google Pub/Sub: User not authorized to perform this action when try to Pull the Messages

I am using this Guide to Integrate Pub/Sub Pull Messages. I have given Roles as "owner, Pub/Sub Publisher, and Pub/Sub Subscriber" to this service account. When I Publish a topic as shown in that guide it successfully publishes but using the same key it does not give me the list of message on pull request […]

I want to make Broadcast Service with Laravel Framework

Recently I wanted to make Broadcast Service But I do not wanted to use pusher package. I wanted to use redis pub/sub programming process. But I could not find out proper tutorials on it. How can make it with Laravel Events and Listeners, Subscribe functionalities. I wanted to also realtime examples on it. Please help […]

By Shibaji Debnath
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How to broadcast to sender only?

I know broadcast is for others to get the message in real-time. But for some reason I need it to be received only by sender. How to achieve this? Right now, the broadcast is received by all excerpt for the sender. I’m using redis+ + laravel event + laravel queue I did try something […]

Pessimistic connection for MQTT service using denherrring/laravel-mqtt-client package

Every time when any new message arrives i have to do connect -> publish -> disconnect if ($client->connect(true, $will, $this->username, $this->password)) { $client->publish($topic, $msg); $client->close(); return true; } so if i can use object of recent connection than it will add + point and also reduce my time to do connect publish and disconnect the […]

By Manish Gupta
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