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Need help for my sql query to make use of AS operator [duplicate]

I’m new to Laravel. Can anyone please let me know how to use "AS" operator for table ‘products’ in below SQL query? $obj = new Product(); $main_data = $obj ->select(‘products.*’,’t2.title’) ->leftJoin(‘category as t2’, ‘’, ‘=’, ‘products.subcategory_id’) ->where(‘products.status’,1); Source: Laravel

By venkatesh
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Add more values to stdClass Object

I have two results sets $result1 and $result2 which are returning below results. $result1 contains 1 record and $result2 has 2 records. How can i append $result2 into $result1 at index[1] without hardcoding index? $result1 may have many records so i just want to append at the end. IlluminateSupportCollection Object ( [items:protected] => Array ( […]

By Neeraj
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Convert data array at php laravel

I have data array : Array ( [0] => IlluminateSupportCollection Object ( [items:protected] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [product_id] => 780 ) [1] => stdClass Object ( [product_id] => 789 ) [2] => stdClass Object ( [product_id] => 800 ) [3] => stdClass Object ( [product_id] => 769 ) ) ) ) […]

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How to resolve the error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in laravel?

I want to store in array, after filtering the data from in database and iterate throgh each data. in business_cards variable stores the database data foreach($business_cards as $b) { $new_arr[] = explode(‘,’, $b->title); $card[] = $new_arr[0][0].’_’.$b->card_id; $count[] = $b->count; } Source: Laravel

Laravel 8. Find duplicates in multidimensional array/object/JSON. Prepare for DataTables

I created an array/object in controller: $animals[‘data’] = Animal::with(‘animalsCategory’,’keepers’,’equipments’)->get(); return json_encode($animals); I need it to DataTables so it will be in JSON. It looks like this: data: [{id: 1, animals_categories_id: 1, name: "Baloo", description: null, health_id: null,…},…] 0: {id: 1, animals_categories_id: 1, name: "Baloo", description: null, health_id: null,…} animals_categories_id: 1 animals_category: {id: 1, name: "Spiders", […]

By Kafus
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How to convert Laravel DB data into a suitable JSON form to use it in vuejs

attributes of laravel modal are named using underscord (_), for example : first_name but attributes of javascript objects are subject to camelCase naming : { firstName: "…" } And this presents a conflict, is there a solution to resolve it ? Source: Laravel

How to convert RAW string into an object in PHP? [duplicate]

I have RAW string sent in a post request like this { "event": "order.shipment.creating", "merchant": 1234, "created_at": "Fri Dec 03 2021 22:42:39 GMT+0300", "data": { "id": 1228010214, "reference_id": 26190403, "urls": { "customer": "", }, "source": "dashboard", "source_device": "desktop", When I print the string I get: """ {rn "event": "order.shipment.creating",rn "merchant": 769699377,rn "created_at": "Fri Dec 03 […]

By PHP User
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Trying to get property ‘wins’ of non-object LARAVEL 5.8

I’m getting this error in blade. Below is the code. Controller thisSeason and thisRaces works fine. I retrieve both from a query made in my models. thisDriverStandings works also fine. The problem is with thisFullDriverStandings. public function show($seasons) { //Retrieving season data $season_data = new seasons; $thisSeason = $season_data->thisSeason($seasons); // return $thisSeason; //Retrieving race data […]

By GkChris99
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Trying to get property ‘wallet’ of non-object

I’m getting Trying to get property of non-object while trying to this code: //QuestController public function reward(Quest $quest){ $users = User::find($quest->accepter_id); $own = (auth()->user()); $quest = Quest::find($quest->id); $wallet = $users->wallet; //error started here $own_wallet = $own->wallet; $users->wallet = $wallet + $quest->reward; //here also $own->wallet = $own_wallet – $quest->reward; $quest->rewarded = true; $users->save(); $own->save(); $quest->save(); return […]

By Chi Force
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laravel reading object Cannot access private property

"*foreach ($collection as $user) { dd($user->data1); }*" ErrorException Attempt to read property "data1" on array when i tried like this "*foreach ($collection[‘documents’] as $user) { dd($user->fields); }* " Cannot access private property MrShan0PHPFirestoreFirestoreDocument::$fields enter image description here Source: Laravel

By amanuel dessie
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