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Laravel Vapor Scheduler Not Sending Emails

So I have 3 Commands created to dispatch emails based on certain criteria and have them set to run in Kernel every morning. I get the emailOutputTo notification every morning at the right time without fail but the emails that are supposed to go out never go out. If I run the command on the […]

By mcirami
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Laravel Scheduler: Weekdays and hourlyAt when will it work

$schedule->command(‘…’)->weekdays()->hourlyAt(’55’); Which days and at what hours does this command work? Source: Laravel

By Alisha
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Autorun custom command

I have created a command in Laravel named sendNote i have done the necessary tasks and checked in local that it is working fine,but when updated it production then it should run automatically and not by using "php artisan schedule:run",but it is not running automatcally on prod please check the sendNote.php file: <?php namespace AppConsoleCommands; […]

By Swarnadeep
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How to send notification to specific users using Laravel Scheduler?

I ask this question while I have done researches to find clear solution for this problem but many of available answers are just how to use Laravel Scheduler itself! So I am creating a simple website with Laravel to let users create reminders for themselves.Users can receive reminder either on their Emails or if they […]

Schedule command executes twice

I have scheduled command php artisan charge:debts which has every minute scheduling option, but the problem it doubles the API request every time. My Kernel.php: $schedule->command(‘charge:debts’)->everyMinute(); My console command function: $active_debts = Debt::where([[‘status’, ‘=’, 0]]) -> with(‘channels’) -> get(); foreach($active_debts as $debt) { try { $stripe = new StripeStripeClient(env(‘STRIPE_CODE’)); $stripe->transfers->create([ ‘amount’ => $transfer_amount, ‘currency’ => […]

Laravel 8 Task scheduler

I’m using laravel Scheduler, i want to set a subscription status to expired if a certain condition is met, and also need this to run every mins in the background..Figured task scheduler is the best option but couldn’t figure out why the code is’nt executing..Below is my code Located in App/Console/Kernel.php (schedule function) $schedule->call(function () […]

Laravel scheduler nonoverlapping method

I want to run a nonoverlapping job but the command is just never called Here is my code $schedule->command(‘start_listeners’)->withoutOverlapping(); I also tried this $schedule->command(‘start_listeners’)->everyMinute()->withoutOverlapping(); When i remove the withoutOverlapping method it works perfectly fine Source: Laravel

By Alican Ali
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Laravel detect if job was dispatched manually or by scheduler

Is there a way to check to see if a Job was dispatched as part of a regularly schedule task or my manually dispatching it in code? I have a job that runs as a scheduled task that checks for certain preconditions before doing anything. I want to be able to manually dispatch it and […]

Laravel Task Scheduling – when does the execution starts

Laravel Task Scheduling has options like, everyMinute() which will run a command every minute. I want to know what is the time it actually starts executing. Is it when I run the server or any specific second of the minute? I am trying to run a function depending on the time difference. Here’s a pseudocode […]

How can I run in background command, which runs only in foreground?

I have the command, which works like php artisan queue:listen. And it can’t work in background in common, but I have to add it to cron tab, but it does not work there. Does it possible to do something like php artisan schedule:run ? The most imortant that when I interrupt this command, all functionalyty […]

By Aleks
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