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How to Set Focus Infowindow Marker Google Maps?

good morning from Indonesia. I want to display a location on google maps whose data is fetched from a database. So far, I’ve been able to do it. But, there is still a problem when displaying the infowindow as shown below. When I click on one of the markers, it can bring up an infowindow […]

By Hilmi Hidayat
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how to add popup or modal on multiple marker google maps API?

Good afternoon, I have location data from database which I want to display with google maps API. For now, I can display multiple markers, but I still can’t display a popup or modal on each marker. How to make it? the following, the code that I have made. Controller $markers = Report::select(‘location’,’latitude’,’longitude’)->get(); $markers = $markers->map(function […]

By Hilmi Hidayat
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How to Display Multiple Gmaps Markers in Laravel 8?

I want to show multiple gmaps markers on dashboard. This marker data, taken from the database. I’ve coded like this, but it still doesn’t work. Controller public function index() { $markers = Report::select(‘location’,’latitude’,’longitude’)->get()->toArray(); // dd($markers); return view(‘dashboard’, compact(‘markers’)); } and in blade, i made like this. This I got the reference from google documentation Blade […]

By Hilmi Hidayat
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How to save multiple lat long into database from multiple google places address textbox in laravel php. I have a dynamic textbox for google address

I have a dynamic textbox(add more) which shows Google places autosuggestion on each. I need to save every lat long from the address. I am getting the lat long but not able to get it in request for all those. I have a system to create polylines on the given addresses(working) but not able to […]

By Syed Shakir Ali
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How to display image in modal for each marker on Google Maps API map

I have multiple markers on the map and click on every marker displays infowindow with some specific data for that marker. Additionally there would be an anchor tag to open a modal pop-up in which I would place image for that marker. My controller: public function welcomePage() { $problems = Problem::with(‘problemImages’)->get(); return view(‘welcomePage’) ->with(‘problems’, $problems) […]

By Michal Sor t
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Laravel how to use Google Maps API

I have Buy & Sell project which the user can post an Ad to sell something I need to let the user define his address by google maps embedded DIV and store its location and when someone opens his Ad he can see the location of the address I already created google cloud account but […]

By Osama Amr
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How to get full detail of address by google map api in laravel php

I am trying to get full detail of address by google map api but only getting few. Currently I am using package composer require lodge/postcode-lookup which is used to get address by post code array:9 [▼ "postcode" => "M5G1M7" "street_number" => "641" "street" => "Bay Street" "sublocality" => "Old Toronto" "town" => "Toronto" "county" => […]

By Swift Solutions
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How to verify that user provided latitude and longitude is on that selected region of map or not ? using laravel, PHP

I want implement geofence on google map. Here i was select some specific region for some event. base on user latitude and longitude i will need to verify that lat long is inside that selected geofence (location) or not? i am facing issue for verify it with polygon and rectangle shape. some how i was […]

By PHP Hupp Technologies
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google autocomplete address not working in laravel

My autocomplete address features works in HTML. But when I used it in laravel blade it won’t suggest the address when i start typing Address pop up is not showing This is the code it works in a file with .html extension but not in laravel blade. Can you please help why the same code […]

By David
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Cannot get pincode and address from latitude and longitude in laravel

I’m want to get details of address from latitude and longitude using this code but for some location i’m getting some field value blank like for some location pin code field is not there but i want to get all data for every location. $googleMapsUrl = "" . $latlong . "&language=en&key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"; $response = file_get_contents($googleMapsUrl); $response […]

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