How to use Laravel to promote students from one grade to another


I have a raw php code which promote students from one grade to another upon a submission and it works fine. I want to use Laravel to do that and I seem not to get it. I need assistance and to learn from it.

public function updateClass() {

    $QueryStudent  = "
    UPDATE students
    SET CurrentClass = (
    CASE CurrentClass
      WHEN 'Grade 1' THEN 'Grade 2'
      WHEN 'Grade 2' THEN 'Grade 3'                                               
      WHEN 'Grade 3' THEN 'Grade 4'                                                  
      WHEN 'Grade 4' THEN 'Grade 5'                                                     
      WHEN 'Grade 5' THEN 'Grade 6'                                                                                                                                            
      WHEN 'Grade 6' THEN 'Graduate'                                         
    WHERE CurrentClass IN ('Grade 1', 'Grade 2', 'Grade 3', 'Grade 4', 'Grade 5', 'Grade 6')";

    $StudentStmt = $Connection->query($QueryStudent);

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