How can use variable value in blade file without compact from controller


I found a project file . this has homecontroller as follow

 public function index()
        return view('home');

it redirect to home view.
I check home view

 <div class="m-heading-1 border-dark m-bordered">
                        <p>{!! $charge->update_text !!} </p>
                        <p> For more info please check out
                            <a class="btn purple btn-outline"  href="#upgradeModal" data-toggle="modal">Upgrade Now</a>

it use $charge variable without passing from compact.
I check AppServiceProvider

public function boot()
        $charge = ChargeCommision::find(1);
        View::share(compact( 'charge'));

It register $charge in AppServiceProvider.
It already had ChargeComission model and data table .
Can use variable as this without using comapct from controller in laravel?

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