Postman GET request not supported on a POST request

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I have a simple route in Laravel 8 to return some request data. But when I send the request in Postman with POST selected, I get an error of "The GET method is not supported for this route." Keep in mind, I have POST selected in Postman, not GET.

Here is the route:

Route::post('post-route', '[email protected]');

Here is is the function being called in UserController:

public function postFunction(Request $request) {
    return [
        'id1' => $request->id1,
        'id2' => $request->id2,

In Postman I am passing the data as json:

    'id1': 1234,
    'id2': 4321

I am simply trying to make sure I am passing the correct data in the request but I am getting this error. Why is it trying to hit a GET request?

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