Laravel blade cache keeps restoring old views

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I have some troubles with Laravel views cache now. Thanks for any help.

After pushed the latest updates to server, I did to run the commands below.

Not sure why it always shows me old content and I tried to clear the cache manually, definitely I can see the views cache files disappear at folder /storage/framework/views.

But it shows me old content in the browser always. ( But sometimes it works )


$ npm install -—production
$ npm run prod
$ composer install --optimize-autoloader --no-dev
$ composer dump-autoload --optimize
$ chmod -R o+w storage
$ chmod -R o+w bootstrap/cache
$ php artisan key:generate
$ php artisan migrate --seed
$ php artisan cache:clear;  php artisan route:clear; php artisan config:clear; php artisan view:clear; php artisan event:clear;
$ php artisan config:cache ; php artisan route:cache ; php artisan view:cache ; php artisan event:cache ;
$ php artisan optimize


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