My changes not reflect my php code in my site with Laravel 8


It’s been a few days now, that my changes in the code (controller, event, blade or any other php files) are not reflected at runtime.
For my changes to be taken into consideration, I have to close my code editor (VSCode) and open it again and type the command "npm run watch" even for PHP files.

My working environment is under Window 10 with VSCode, Laravel 8, PHP 7.4.

I specify that I have already tried the following commands:
php artisan config: cache, php artisan route: cache, php artisan view: cache
, php artisan event: cache

That I have already deleted the VSCode cache manually and that I delete the cache of Chrome on every run, but nothing changes except close my project and reopen it and run the "npm run watch" command even if no such file is affected.

Does anyone have an idea for me, because I will soon have no more hair :-D?

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