Adding linked table data to query builder

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I’m still getting comfortable with Laravel and am really struggling with my current project…

I’m trying to implement "reposts" on my social media feed that uses Laravel for backend. I have a table for posts and a table for reposts, which contains post_id (foreign key linking to posts), user_id (who reposted), created_at (when post was reposted).

I have a query builder to find posts and a query builder to find reposts and I’d like to make a union between the two. The part I’m struggling, however, is bringing over user_id and created_at (which live on the reposts table) when I attempt the following query on the posts table:

DB::table(‘posts’)→wherein(‘id’, ‘repost_ids’)→get();

How could I achieve this? And how could I make sure there are no duplicates when I execute the union?

Thank you in advance!

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