Laravel replicate including relationships but maintain original timestamps

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I am trying to replicate a record and its relationships in Laravel 8. But I want to keep the original records timestamps. I am able to do this on the main record, but the timestamps on all the relationships get set to the datetime that the record is replicated. I also have some observers set up and I dont want them firing when the replication takes place.

$order = AppModelsOrder::with('comments', 'tracking_details')->find(4096);

$clone = $order->replicate()->fill([
    'tracking_number' => null,
    'created_at' => $order->created_at,
    'updated_at' => $order->updated_at,


foreach ($order->comments as $comment) {
    AppModelsComments::withoutEvents(function() use ($clone, $comment) {

foreach ($order->tracking_details as $details) {
    AppModelsTrackingDetails::withoutEvents(function() use ($clone, $details) {

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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