Laravel JWT auth get User ID when refreshing token

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I’m using the tymon jwt-auth package and am utilising refresh tokens. My database has a column for when a user last logged in, which is set upon log in to my app, but I need to update this column when the user’s token is refreshed.

I’m having some trouble getting the id of the user, so that I know to update their record, Auth::id() is null, and thus never runs.

Even if I run this after doing a refresh. How can I obtain the user to update their last logged in column?

 * Refresh a token.
 * @return IlluminateHttpJsonResponse
public function refresh()
    try {
        if (Auth::id()) {
                Auth::id(), Carbon::now()
        } else {
            Log::debug('unable to obtain user ID');
    } catch (Exception $e) { }

    // return refresh token
    return $this->respondWithToken(auth()->refresh(), true);

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