Integrate Quickbooks as a payment method on website

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I need to integrate QuickBook as a payment method with a website. For this, I would like to connect to QuickBook and create an invoice or payments links and redirect customers to them as I do it with Paypal and after catch the webhooks from QuickBooks about payment status.

Here is a page for paying with Quickbook (You can make a payment link manually in your account):
enter image description here

I want to create such links with api for php (laravel). There is no api for directly creating payment link though api, but there is an option to create invoices with link. I’ve managed to create such invoices calling the QuickBooks api through Postman but that link doesn’t work. It opens an error page.

enter image description here

Here is that page:
enter image description here

There is no much information about paying on the website with QuickBooks, so I am not quite sure is this task a achievable. But if anyone did something similar or has some experience with integration QuickBook to e-commercial websites, please give me a hint

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