Laravel extension update problem (VS Code) (solved)


This is not a question

I’m putting this here so it might help someone who has problem like i do. this happens to me for 1 hours ago and i think its my VS Code broken. and the last part i do the windows 10 re-install

I’m working with VS Code on windows, with laravel extension pack as my weapon. About 1 hour ago, 1 of my extension auto update and broke some function like ctrl click on my .php

after re-install windows and completly fresh install vs code, the problem still exists, so i make my deep research, and found that

enter image description here

enter image description here

this extension auto update 1 hour ago. solve this by downgrading to previous version, hopefully they fix it latter.

i know this is not a question, just want to help bunch of coders mate if we have same situation.

i will delete this question after next update of the extension.

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