Using Livewire and getting message that AlpineJS has already been loaded

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I’ve recently started a new Jetstream project with Livewire. I’ve been playing around with setting up my base layout etc and I keep getting a message in the console (which I’m not sure if its mucking up what I’m trying to do with Alpine). In the console it says:

Livewire: It looks like AlpineJS has already been loaded. Make sure Livewire's scripts are loaded before Alpine

Which is confusing me as I am not loading AlpineJS anywhere else. I don’t have any CDN references anywhere in my base templates. Alpine is only referenced once where it gets set up which was automatically generated when I first created the jetstream project (under resources/js/app.js).

My understanding is that Livewire already loads Alpine automatically. So why would this error come up?

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