How manipulate the request that i recived via AJAX (LARAVEL)?

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This is my code ajax that send the DATA

                url: '{{url("path")}}',
                data:  aux,
                type: 'POST',
                error: function(response) {

The problem is when i want manipulate this $request in my controller to create a new object with the datas that goes in the data.

this is my controller en laravel.

public function path(Request $request)
    $data = $request->all();
    #create or update your data here
    //dd($data["text"], $data["parent"],$data["text"]);
    //return response()->json([$data]);
        'idcodigo' => 'codigo',
        'descripcion' => 'descripcion',
        'idpadre' => '2',
    return response()->json([$data]);


If i try to creater a new tree i have the problem because not create the tree::new.

In the console i see and the data is here.

Finally, i want send a data via ajax and use this data to insert the data in my database.

Any comment is fine thank you so much

Yes, i have the header to send the token.

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