how to compare foreach with json in select tag laravel?

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I want to show previously selected options as selected, I have two data sets.

  1. $blocks that are JSON encoded in a column with country codes.
  2. countries list from the country table

I want to compare both and want to show countries selected that are present in users blocked colmn JSON encoded

 $user = User::find(auth()->user()->id);
    $blocks = json_decode($user->blocked);
    @foreach(  Countries::orderBy('country_name')->get() as $country )
     <option  value="{{$country->country_code}}"  >{{ $country->country_name }}</option>

i tried following but it selects on 1 value either 1st or last

 @foreach ($sundaysArray as $key => $value)

 @foreach(  Countries::orderBy('country_name')->get() as $country )
<option @if( $value == $country->country_code ) selected="selected" @endif value="{{$country->country_code}}"  >{{ $country->country_name }}</option>

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