Srripe 3d secure payment using payment intent

Basically i was trying 3d secure payment on backend from 4 to 5 days using stripe paymentIntent but still no luck,when i create payment intent object i pass it request_three_d_secure to payment_method_options but the created payment intent is not requesting 3d secure payment on confirmation here is my way of creating payment intent object.

         'amount' => 1099,
         'currency' => 'usd',
         'customer' => 'cus_XXXXXXXXXXXXX',
         'payment_method_types' => ['card'],
         'payment_method_options' => '[card][request_three_d_secure][any]',
         'payment_method' => 'card_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX',

          $paymentIntent =  $stripe->paymentIntents->confirm(
            ['payment_method' => 'pm_card_visa']
          ); ```

so please help me if you have faced any issue related this, please also verify for me weather i am creating payment intent object correctly or not

Source: Laravel

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