How to fix LaravelExcel UTF-8 Characters

I’m using Laravel 5.8 and I want to download data from view with LaravelExcel. Here is my Export Class:

namespace AppExports;

use AppMemberStudent;
use IlluminateContractsViewView;
use MaatwebsiteExcelConcernsFromView;
use MaatwebsiteExcelFacadesExcel;

class StudentExportView implements FromView
    * @return IlluminateSupportCollection
    public function view(): View
        return view('admin.students.custom', [
           'students' => Student::take(1)->get(),
           'customs' => Student::take(1)->get(),

And here is the Controller Method for downloading csv:

public function export_view()
        return Excel::download(new StudentExportView, 'studentlist.csv');

And here is the route that calls this method:

Route::get('export_view','[email protected]_view')->name('students.export_view');

But the problem is, the content that gets downloaded goes like this:

enter image description here

As you can see the headings are broken and body seems to be empty.

So how to solve this issue?


<table class="table table-sm table-bordered">
        <tr class="thead-dark">
            <th>Family Name</th>
            <th>National Code</th>
            <th>Mobile Number</th>
            <th>Registered Time</th>
    @if($students->count() != 0)
        @foreach($students as $student)
            <tr data-id="{{ $student->mbr_id }}"
                data-mobile="{{ $student->mbr_mobile }}"
                data-post-code="{{ $student->mbr_post_code }}"
                data-address="{{ $student->mbr_address }}"
                <td>{{ $student->mbr_name }}</td>
                    {{ $student->mbr_family }}
                    <a class="information text-danger float-left"><i class="fa fa-info-circle"></i></a>
                <td>{{ $student->mbr_national_code }}</td>
                <td>{{ $student->mbr_mobile }}</td>
                <td>{{ $student->province }}</td>
                <td>{{ $student->city }}</td>
                <td>{{ $student->degree }}</td>
                <td>{{ $student->grade }}</td>
                    {{ jdate($customs->find($student->mbr_id)->created_at) }}
            <td colspan="12" style="text-align: center">No data for showing

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