Problem in multiple image upload in laravel 8

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I got an error in laravel 8, while uploading multiple images.

Argument 1 passed to IlluminateDatabaseGrammar::parameterize()

must be of the type array, string given, called in
on line 886

Here is my code in controller:

 $gallery =  new GalleryImage; 
 foreach( $req->file('image_name') as $image)
     $upload_image_name = time().'_'.$image->getClientOriginalName();
     $image->move('uploads', $upload_image_name);    
     $name[] = $upload_image_name;         
    $gallery->image_name = $name;        
    return redirect()->back()->with('status','Image Uploaded Successfully.');

Code in blade:

<input name="image_name[]" id="exampleFile" type="file" accept="image/*" multiple>

If I return $req->file('image_name') file is showing empty

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