"No input file specified" – Laravel project on CentOS

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I’ve have VM with CentOS installed where I want to host Laravel project. I’ve put it on /var/www/html/project

But when I access via URL of this project like I get tree of document. When I enter public directory it shows me a message: "No input file specified.".

What I need to do to solve this problem? I’ve edited httpd.conf file(added V-host). Welcome page of Apache works good.

What is worth to mention is that I got external firewall which I can’t pass, so I cannot install composer on server, because I’ve blocked outside connections, so I prepare project outside of server.

This is version of PHP:

PHP 7.4.19 (cli) (built: May  4 2021 11:06:37) ( NTS )
Copyright (c) The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.4.0, Copyright (c) Zend Technologies


Server version: Apache/2.4.37 (centos)
Server built:   Jun 29 2021 20:08:24

Below I list all of services which I got installed on server:

UNIT                                                  LOAD   ACTIVE SUB     DESCRIPTION
atd.service                                           loaded active running Job spooling tools
auditd.service                                        loaded active running Security Auditing Service
chronyd.service                                       loaded active running NTP client/server
crond.service                                         loaded active running Command Scheduler
dbus.service                                          loaded active running D-Bus System Message Bus
dracut-shutdown.service                               loaded active exited  Restore /run/initramfs on shutdown
firewalld.service                                     loaded active running firewalld - dynamic firewall daemon
[email protected]                                    loaded active running Getty on tty1
httpd.service                                         loaded active running The Apache HTTP Server
import-state.service                                  loaded active exited  Import network configuration from initramfs
irqbalance.service                                    loaded active running irqbalance daemon
kdump.service                                         loaded active exited  Crash recovery kernel arming
kmod-static-nodes.service                             loaded active exited  Create list of required static device nodes for the cu>
libstoragemgmt.service                                loaded active running libstoragemgmt plug-in server daemon
lvm2-monitor.service                                  loaded active exited  Monitoring of LVM2 mirrors, snapshots etc. using dmeve>
[email protected]:3.service                               loaded active exited  LVM event activation on device 8:3
mcelog.service                                        loaded active running Machine Check Exception Logging Daemon
mysqld.service                                        loaded active running MySQL 8.0 database server
NetworkManager-wait-online.service                    loaded active exited  Network Manager Wait Online
NetworkManager.service                                loaded active running Network Manager
nis-domainname.service                                loaded active exited  Read and set NIS domainname from /etc/sysconfig/network
php-fpm.service                                       loaded active running The PHP FastCGI Process Manager
plymouth-quit-wait.service                            loaded active exited  Hold until boot process finishes up
plymouth-quit.service                                 loaded active exited  Terminate Plymouth Boot Screen
plymouth-read-write.service                           loaded active exited  Tell Plymouth To Write Out Runtime Data
plymouth-start.service                                loaded active exited  Show Plymouth Boot Screen
polkit.service                                        loaded active running Authorization Manager
rhsmcertd.service                                     loaded active running Enable periodic update of entitlement certificates.
rngd-wake-threshold.service                           loaded active exited  Hardware RNG Entropy Gatherer Wake threshold service
rngd.service                                          loaded active running Hardware RNG Entropy Gatherer Daemon
rsyslog.service                                       loaded active running System Logging Service
smartd.service                                        loaded active running Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology (SMART) Daemon
sshd.service                                          loaded active running OpenSSH server daemon
sssd.service                                          loaded active running System Security Services Daemon
[email protected] loaded active exited  File System Check on /dev/disk/by-uuid/AEDD-EA4B
systemd-journal-flush.service                         loaded active exited  Flush Journal to Persistent Storage
systemd-journald.service                              loaded active running Journal Service
systemd-logind.service                                loaded active running Login Service
systemd-modules-load.service                          loaded active exited  Load Kernel Modules
systemd-random-seed.service                           loaded active exited  Load/Save Random Seed
systemd-remount-fs.service                            loaded active exited  Remount Root and Kernel File Systems
systemd-sysctl.service                                loaded active exited  Apply Kernel Variables
systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service                    loaded active exited  Create Static Device Nodes in /dev
systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service                        loaded active exited  Create Volatile Files and Directories
systemd-udev-trigger.service                          loaded active exited  udev Coldplug all Devices
systemd-udevd.service                                 loaded active running udev Kernel Device Manager
systemd-update-utmp.service                           loaded active exited  Update UTMP about System Boot/Shutdown
systemd-user-sessions.service                         loaded active exited  Permit User Sessions
tuned.service                                         loaded active running Dynamic System Tuning Daemon
[email protected]                         loaded active exited  /run/user/1000 mount wrapper
[email protected]                                     loaded active running User Manager for UID 1000
vdo.service                                           loaded active exited  VDO volume services
vgauthd.service                                       loaded active running VGAuth Service for open-vm-tools
vmtoolsd.service                                      loaded active running Service for virtual machines hosted on VMware

Is any solution to that?

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