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i have web and i want to add 4 banners on it and when user will click on it i want to count how many clicks it will have
and controller them with admin/voyager

i created table


Ads model

 public static function top()
        return self::where('top', '1')->first();

    public static function right()
        return self::where('right', '1')->first();

    public static function bottom()
        return self::where('bottom', '1')->first();

    public static function left()
        return self::where('left', '1')->first();

and i add in helper.php

function ad_exists($location){
    try {
     return !! Ads::$location();
    } catch(Exception $e){
        return false;

function ad($location){
        return Ads::$location();
    } else {
        return null;

 <img class="" src="{{Storage::url(ad('right')->image)}}" alt="">

and i add in seeder imgs and its shows imgs on web but when i’m trying to add new banner in voyager its errors me

AppModelsAds::top must return a relationship instance.

so i don’t really know how to do all of this i’m new in programming

is there any examples for making ads on web?

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