What will be the better choice to build chat application? [closed]


I am here to ask for one advice from you. I am at the stage of deciding the technology stack to build a chat application for our online tech product.

We don’t want to go with the premium and prebuilt solutions as there are some limitations in each platform as per our requirement with perspective to reporting and features.

During my research, I have conclude few technologies and libraries that might helpful for me to build. Please have a look at the following options, I would love to hear back from you if you wanna suggest some other options or help me to choose one from them.

We wanna add this chat feature in our mobile app(android/IOS) as well as on our web-based backend. the support team will be chating with the customers using our backend and customers will be using the mobile app for the same.

Currently, we are using technology Laravel and React JS for our applications

Development Requirement to be fulfilled for customers and management

  • Text-based chat
  • Voice message
  • video message for up to 10 seconds
  • Image
  • Group chat with the customers

Technology stack options

  • Socket.io (premium)
  • SSE (Server Sent Events)
  • Websocket (complicated but its an option)
  • Pusher.js

Thanks a lot

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