Query multiple table relationships using Laravel Eloquent Models

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I’m trying to query multiple tables using Laravel Eloquent Models with one to one, one to many and many to many relationships.

I have a forms table, a brands table a users table and a brand_groups pivot table.

Each form has one brand and one user:


Brands do not have any foreign keys:


Users do not have any foreign keys:


And there is a pivot table to create a many to many relationship for creating brand groups that have many users like brand members:


I’m trying to get all the forms that belong to a user either by a direct ownership (forms.user_id) or by brand membership, all the forms from all the brands that the user is a member through brand_groups many to many pivot table.

For example, we have 2 brands, 2 users and 1 user is a member of 1 brand:

brand(ID: 1)
brand(ID: 2)

user(ID: 1)
user(ID: 2)

brand_group(brand_id: 1, user_id: 1)

form(ID: 1, user_id: 1,    brand_id: null)
form(ID: 2, user_id: null, brand_id: 1)
form(ID: 3, user_id: 2,    brand_id: 1)
form(ID: 4, user_id: 1,    brand_id: 2)

Using Laravel Eloquent Models (not direct DB facade calls), I’d like to retrieve all the forms that belong to a user. For the user(ID:1) there are 3 forms:

form(ID:1) direct user ownership
form(ID:2) user is a member of brand(ID:1) group which is the brand of form(ID:2)
form(ID:3) user is a member of brand(ID:1) group which is the brand of form(ID:3)

I gave it a shot using Eloquent: Relationships – Has Many Through:

Has Many Through

The "has-many-through" relationship provides a convenient way to access distant relations via an intermediate relation.

I have tried it like this:

class User extends Model
    public function forms()
        return Forms::hasManyThrough(
        )->where('id', $this->id);

But I get errors like:

BadMethodCallException with message 'Call to undefined method AppModelsForm::brand_groups()'


After some digging, I have managed to come up with the working MySQL code that will return all the forms for a user:

SELECT * FROM `forms`
  SELECT `brand_id`, `user_id`
  FROM `brand_groups`
  WHERE `forms`.`brand_id` = `brand_groups`.`brand_id`
    AND `brand_groups`.`user_id` = 1
) OR `forms`.`user_id` = 1

Now I just need to convert that query to an eloquent model relation.

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