DoctrineDBALDriverPDOException could not find driver [duplicate]

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I’m deploying a new version of my Laravel PHP application on a Azure app service plan via the deployment center (via Bitbucket).
The application used to deploy without problems but it fails with the following error in my log

> IlluminateFoundationComposerScripts::postAutoloadDump
> @php artisan package:discover


  could not find driver

  at vendor/doctrine/dbal/lib/Doctrine/DBAL/Driver/PDO/Exception.php:18
    14| final class Exception extends PDOException
    15| {
    16|     public static function new(PDOException $exception): self
    17|     {
  > 18|         return new self($exception);
    19|     }
    20| }

Any help on how to resolve this issue would be appreciated

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