Is there a solution to reduce Google Distance Matrix API Usage? [closed]

Im an entrepreneur running a Local food delivery mobile application. to calculate distance from customers to listed restaurants in my app we are using "Google Distance Matrix API", the problem is we are getting high charges on Google Distance Matrix API.
Google is charging 0.005$ for each element.
if 1 customer came to my app for the first time Google will charge an amount based on how many shops is listed in my mobile application. ill give you a real-life example we have 40 restaurant listed in the app so when a customer downloads the app Google Distance Matrix API will calculate from customer to 40 restaurant ( 0.005 * 40 = 0.2$) for just one customer google is charging this 0.2$ for just one customer
even we are using the cache, still, my daily bill is 7$ average

can anyone help me to find a solution to this problem?

Source: Laravel

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