is it possible to use WhereIn / WhereNull or Condition on firstOrNew, firstOrCreate, updateOrCreate?

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im trying to understanding about laravel and shorten my code

firstOrNew, firstOrCreate, updateOrCreate
from what ive been reading you can do simple condition like :

example 1

condition where email matched then updateOrCreate:

$user = User::updateOrCreate(
    ['email' =>  request('email')],
    ['name' => request('name')]

example 2 – this is what ive been usually code my update / create

but is it possible to use whereNull, whereIn or other conditions on updateOrCreate like this example 2 ?

$user = User::whereNull( 'email' )->first();

$vars =
'email' => request('email'),
'name' => request('name')

    $user = User::create($vars);

is example 2 the best approach or shorter code for update and creating entry in database ?

thanks if anyone willing to help

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