STRIPE – Subscription plan only for 5 month – using Laravel Cashier (stripe)

  laravel, laravel-cashier, stripe-payments
  • Cashier Version: "^12.13"
  • Laravel Version: "^8.0"
  • PHP Version: "^7.3"

Hi There!,

I have been wrote a code for create and active subscription plan using "Laravel cashier (stripe)" and It’s working good but I want to add some conditions like "I want to active this plan only for 5 month".

In the stripe documentation we can set "ITERATION" during create subscription plan, means If I want to create Subscription plan only for 5 month so I need to set "iteration : 5" (

So here, in Laravel cashier how can I manage it?

Can you please give me any suggestion for this?

Thank you.

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