Twilio Laravel Send Whatsapp Message not in same channel


I have try to create MEssage from php(laravel) using twilio,
when i send messsage and system reply it well,

but i have some problem when i want directly send message directly from system,I call my service from POSTMAN but it will always show error notif like this

TwilioExceptionsRestException: [HTTP 400] Unable to create record: From(whatsapp:+14155238886) and To(+6281210357927) addresses should be of the same channel. in file D:WelldyNewLARAVUEpwivendortwiliosdksrcTwilioVersion.php on line 88

is it because I call api from POSTMAN? so how I can send message with calling my api?

public function sendTest(Request $request){
    $from = $request->input('From');
    $body = $request->input('Body');

public function sendWhatsAppMessage(string $message, string $recipient)
    $twilio_whatsapp_number = getenv('TWILIO_WHATSAPP_NUMBER');
    $account_sid = getenv("TWILIO_SID");
    $auth_token = getenv("TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN");

    $client = new Client($account_sid, $auth_token);
    return $client->messages->create($recipient, array('from' => "whatsapp:$twilio_whatsapp_number", 'body' => $message));

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