how to customize laravel login process in api passport

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i want to customize the login process for one of my users as below so i have 3 steps :
1-authenticate the user A from the Bearer Token they send me
2-receive the info of User B from User A from a custom value in header
3-Logout the User B from the guard(‘api’) and Generate a token from that custom token they provide me .
4-login the user B and athenticate user B into guard(‘api’).
so what i have tried so far i have part 1 and 2 now i need to do part 3-4 what i have tried like below :
1- i have athenticated the user from token generated error like below if they are not logged in :

 protected function authenticateApi($request)
        if (
            !$this->auth->guard('api')->check() ||
        ) {
            throw new AuthenticationException(
                'Unauthorized.', ['api'], $this->redirectTo($request)

and i added another middle ware like below for step 2 on first line and the other lines are for 3 and 4 :

 $UserB_info = $request->header('UserB_Key');
  $userB = UserCustomeModel::where('custom_api_token',$UserB_info)->first();
  //here i want to log out the user A from Guard('api') and log the user b into that .
  //i tried this but no luck with it .
  $token = $userB->createToken($userB->name)->accessToken;
  $request->headers->set('Authorization', $token);

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