My Composer requires a higher PHP version than the one used in my Laravel project. How could I fix it?

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I am new to Laravel, and I use this language to create a site. I am working with FileZilla to transfer the changes from my local Laravel to the preproduction site.

My preproduction site encountered a problem, trying to update and following a bad modification that I had to make on the vendor / composer folder, I had each time I tried to connect to the preproduction site, the following error: an all white screen with marked :

Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version ">= 7.3.0". You are running 7.0.15-1.

I then decided to grab the original project from bitbucket to get rid of it (the original project having no problem).

To do this, I followed the following steps:

  1. I downloaded the repository from bitbucket to my computer, then with the command prompt I did: compose update in my project path. The vendor folder installation was successful and the composer.lock file had a change.

  2. I generated a new APP_KEY key for my .env file by doing the command: php artisan key: generate. The .env file has been modified.

  3. I deleted the previous project from FileZilla,

  4. I transferred the project I had just created instead.

But, after that, I still encounter the same problem.

Do you have any idea regarding this problem. What should be the procedure to follow in order to resolve it?

Wishing you a good day and thanking you in advance for your response,

Best regards,

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