Laravel redirect when already logged in

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Basic Info :

Using Laravel 7.29.3

All my routes need a locale based on the chosen language by the user. A valid URL looks like
this for example

Situation :

A user has my website opened in two Tabs , Tab1 and Tab2. Same website in both Tabs.

He’s logging in using Tab1 and gets authenticated. Then he clicks the Login Button in Tab2.
Laravel realises the user is already authenticated and redirects the user to

The Problem is that doesn’t have any locale in it and is invalid. User get’s a 404 error.

In the Laravel LoginController there is a variable

 protected $redirectTo = RouteServiceProvider::HOME;

But how do I get the currently chosen language locale in there ? I know the function
app()->getLocale() but when I try

protected $redirectTo = app()->getLocale() . RouteServiceProvider::HOME;

I get an Error saying

Constant expression contains invalid operations 

I’ve already added the following function to my LoginController but Laravel ignores it in the above mentioned situation with Two Tabs.

protected function redirectTo()

return app()->getLocale() . '/home';


So how can I get the currently chosen locale / language in redirectTo ?

 protected $redirectTo = RouteServiceProvider::HOME;

Thanks in advance

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