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I have two models: Employee and WorkingDay.

//Employee Model

public function workingDays()
        return $this->hasMany(WorkingDay::class, 'employee_id','id');

public function scopeTotalHours($query, $from, $to)
        $query->whereHas('workingDays', function ($query) use ($from, $to) {
            $query->whereBetween('work_date', [$from, $to]);
        })->withSum('workingDays', 'hours_work');

I want to receive sum of hours for each employee between specified date. But if employee doesnt exist in working_days table, set value to 0 or null


Employee::totalHours($week->start->toDateTimeString(), $week->end->toDateTimeString())->get()

Finally I want something like this:

Between: 2020-10-31 and 2020-11-05

'Joan Hose', 25
'Martin Walker', 0 or null


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