Laravel Livewire Echo configuration

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I’ve setup a notification system with Pusher and Echo on my Laravel 8 app. It works fine, I’m able to retrieve the notification event in VanillaJS with

window.Echo.private('App.Models.User.' +
.notification((notification) => {
    if (notification.type === 'AppNotificationsJobLiked') {
        let count = document.getElementById('count');
        let number = count.innerHTML;
        count.innerHTML = number;

But now I want to use Livewire listeners to trigger my function, then I setup :

public function getListeners()
    return [
        "echo-private:App.Models.User.{$this->authId},NotificationSent" => 'notifyNewJobLiked',

But nothing seems to work and I have no error message.. do you have any clue what could possibly going on ?

Thank you very much ! 🙂

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