Laravel: How to implement if statement within {{ }}

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I’m having to pass search filters in links in my laravel app on various occasions. The following statement was working fine in laravel 4, but now I’m converting it to laravel 8 and its giving me error now.

{{ link_to_route('workprocess.edit', 'Edit Work Process', array($workprocess->id, json_encode($searchFilters)), array('class' => 'btn btn-sm btn-warning')) }}


Missing required parameters for [Route: workprocess.edit] [URI: workprocess/edit/{workprocess}/{search?}]. (View: D:xampphtdocscompliance.localresourcesviewshome.blade.php)

$searchFilters is empty sometimes. $searchFilters = array('fromdate' => '', 'todate' => '', 'name' => '', 'type' => '');

I want to put an if statement inside {{ }} for json_encode($searchFilters) so that I don’t have to write code for two links as there are quite a few other such occurances.

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