Cannot access Laravel Homestead. How to change SSH keys?

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I cannot access my Laravel Homestead box. When I run vagrant up it eventually fails with this message:

SSH auth method: private key Timed out while waiting for the machine to boot {... more}

In the VirtualBox UI I can see that the machine is running. I can not access it with vagrant ssh though. It attempts for a while, then simply returns to the host terminal prompt without any error message. When I press ‘show’ in the VirtualBox UI, it takes me to an unfamiliar prompt, initramfs.

I am not sure why this happened. The Linux host was setup only a few months ago with the latest Ubuntu distro, and I have been using Homestead almost every day. Yesterday I was unable to connect to Bitbucket (over SSH), for some strange reason. Maybe the two are related?

Based on this thread,, I think I should try changing the SSH keys, but how do I do that? I was not really clear on how the keys worked in the first place. (Do I need to share the host’s public key with the guest? Or the other way around perhaps?)

Secondly, I don’t see how I can change the keys if I can’t access the host.

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