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Question :

I have a table called product with some bunch of columns. One of which is name. The problem is :

Sample entries:

  1. name: Salt Powder.
  2. name: Chilli powdeR

The problem

When i do a query for I get 0 results .

Expectation is to return

Salt Powder & Chilli powdeR since the term "powder" is common in both.

Now when i do a query for , i get Salt powder as the result.

Here’s my controller & what i have been trying to implement in the index :

    public function index(Request $request)
     if (Query::has('search')) {              ------>>> I know that something is terribly wrong here.
        $queryString = Query::get('search');
        $products = Products::where('name', 'LIKE', "%$queryString%")->orderBy('name')->paginate(5);
            $this->productRepository->pushCriteria(new RequestCriteria($request));
            $this->productRepository->pushCriteria(new LimitOffsetCriteria($request));
            $this->productRepository->pushCriteria(new ProductsOfFieldsCriteria($request));
            if($request->get('trending',null) == 'week'){
                $this->productRepository->pushCriteria(new TrendingWeekCriteria($request));
                $this->productRepository->pushCriteria(new NearCriteria($request));

            $products = $this->productRepository->all();

        } catch (RepositoryException $e) {
            return $this->sendError($e->getMessage());

        return $this->sendResponse($products->toArray(), 'Products retrieved successfully');

My productRepository.php:


namespace AppRepositories;

use AppModelsProduct;
use InfyOmGeneratorCommonBaseRepository;
use PrettusRepositoryContractsCacheableInterface;
use PrettusRepositoryTraitsCacheableRepository;

    class ProductRepository extends BaseRepository implements CacheableInterface
        use CacheableRepository;
         * @var array
        protected $fieldSearchable = [
         * Configure the Model
        public function model()
            return Product::class;
         * get my products
        public function myProducts()
            return Product::join("user_stores", "user_stores.store_id", "=", "products.store_id")
                ->where('user_stores.user_id', auth()->id())->get();

Can someone please help to understand what or which statement should i modify ? I’ve tried changes but most attempts ended in errors. Any help is much appreciated. I can share any files that you guys may be interested to peak into

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