Autocomplete search with previews: should I load all products beforehand and only search in the front-end?

  debounce, laravel, search, vue.js

I’m building a search mechanism with Laravel and Vue in which a panel is shown displaying the thumbnail of each of the products as you type. So, as soon as you type more than 3 letters, for each letter it’s updating that list asynchronously.

My question is: should I preload all of the results and only process this list in the front-end? Would it be quicker?

The biggest problem is if I debounce the typing process to, say, only search each 0.5s, the UX gets a bit compromised since the up-to-date list seems "slow". So loading all the results beforehand could be a good idea, however, does it even make sense to dump thousands of records into Vuex for this?

Source: Laravel StackOverflow

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