Search multiple words in same column on laravel

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I need to search multiple words in title column in laravel. Like if i search tea break then i need to fetch only those rows that title content tea and break. If any title contain only tea then it will not come on my result. I have added below code but it’s fetch only contain one word row too.

$query->where('title', 'LIKE', "%$search%");

Like if i search Hello Tea break then fetch only those row that contain all three words. that is hello, tea, break.

If i search Hello Tea & break. In this case i will remove the all spacial characters from my code and make below array add on code.

$search = []
$search[0] = 'Hello';
$search[1] = 'Tea';
$search[2] = 'break'

Source: Laravel StackOverflow

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